Part-time Maid Versus Full-time Maid

In the United States, many families are struggling to maintain clean, orderly and organized households because of their hectic schedules. Many households will then decide to hire a cleaning service provider – a maid, in common parlance – to clean their houses for them.

But the question is: Will you hire a part-time maid or a full-time maid? You should consider several crucial factors before making your decision as it will have an impact on your finances, lifestyle, and schedule.  

Cost of Hiring

In terms of cost, you will pay a significantly lesser amount for the services of a part-time maid for several reasons. Keep in mind that a part-time maid is paid based on an hourly rate with the rate varying depending on the scope of the work necessary.

You will also likely not be obligated to comply with the legal obligations inherent in an employee-employer relationship with a part-time maid especially when he was hired via a cleaning services company, such as Molly Maid. You have legal obligations, including tax and insurance, with a full-time maid since he is considered as your employee.

You will not also have incidental costs, including board and lodging, with a part-time maid since he has other living arrangements. This will likely not be the case with a full-time maid that lives in your home, too.  

Convenience of Services

But there are downsides to hiring a part-time maid. You will not have a maid who can provide assistance in the various aspects of household management on a consistent and constant basis with a part-time domestic worker. This is not so with a full-time maid for obvious reasons.  

If you want a maid who can be relied on to perform other household tasks aside from cleaning, such as cooking, then a full-time maid is your best bet. But if you want a maid who will clean, among other agreed services, at certain times of the day, then a part-time maid makes good sense.

You will also find that a part-time maid is ideal for your family’s greater sense of privacy.  You don’t have to deal with a full-time maid afoot, so to speak, for most parts of the day and night.

You must, however, take the necessary precautions when hiring a part-time maid since the risks for damages, theft, and other negative incidents can be high.  You should always hire your part-time maids from reliable cleaning services companies, such as Molly Maid, since you have the assurance of reliable, trustworthy, and trained maids.  

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