How to Thoroughly Clean Your Oven

How to Thoroughly Clean Your Oven

Ovens are one of those appliances in the kitchen that have the ability to turn into a war zone if you don’t maintain it regularly. Cleaning it can be overwhelming to say the least, which is why if people can afford it, they simply hire cleaning services like Maid Green, Molly Maid, or Merry Maids to do the job. But for most of us who can’t afford to shell out a few hundred dollars per week to have someone else clean our house, deep cleaning our oven is something we have to tackle at some point. Well, in this article we share tips on how to do it the right way.

Experts say you should deep clean your oven at least every 3-6 months, and to spot-clean it every time you use it. If you don’t do any regular upkeep then expect the cleaning process to be more tedious.

Using the oven’s self-cleaning function.

Yes, modern ovens has this feature. The self-clean cycle works by heating the oven to about 880F. The food stuck inside the oven will be incinerated and you’ll need to wipe down the ash that results from the extreme heat. But before you eagerly head to your kitchen and look for the self cleaning switch, a word of caution:

Do not use any commercial cleaner or oven liner during self cleaning as this will damage the oven’s enamel coating. You may also need to remove the racks. And lastly, be sure to wait until the oven has sufficiently cooled down before you wipe out the oven interior.

Using a store-bought cleaning products specifically for ovens.

The self-clean cycle is effective in removing baked-on grease from your oven, but if this feature is not available there are alternatives. A store-bought chemical cleaner can be sprayed onto the oven’s interior and allowed to sit for half an hour. Then just wipe it off.

Be sure to have proper ventilation in your kitchen because these products contain very potent chemicals and may cause some side effects if you inhale them in large amounts.

Using a DIY oven cleaner.

Using a DIY natural cleaner is also fine when cleaning your oven. Ingredients like baking soda and vinegar are effective and can give you awesome results. Make a paste of the baking soda and vinegar, and add a bit of water. Then apply the mixture liberally on the interior surfaces and let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes. Then afterwards, use a non-abrasive pad to scrub gently all over the oven interior then wipe down with a microfiber cloth.

Cleaning Oven Racks, Knobs and Door

  • First you need to remove the racks and soak them in soapy hot water in your kitchen sink. If the sink is not big enough you can use your bathtub. Let it soak for 2 hours and scrub off.
  • For your oven knobs use a damp microfiber towel or rag to wipe them down. Don’t spray directly onto the knobs with a cleaner as this could damage its control panel.
  • With glass oven doors, you can clean them by mixing baking soda with water to form a thick paste. Then spread onto the glass and let it sit for 30 minutes. Then wipe off with a damp cloth and buff to make it shiny.

Sometimes the glass door is made with two layers of glass, which can cause an accumulation of grease streaks, crumbs and dirt over time. To clean it, just unscrew the top of the door so you can access the in-between layers. Use a vacuum hose to clean up the dust and debris, and then use a damp sponge to wipe off the grease.

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