Three Options for Hiring a Cleaning Service

When you are hiring a cleaning service, you have three choices, namely, hire a cleaning service company, hire a worker through an agency, and hire an individual. Each option obviously has its pros and cons in terms of convenience, cost, and cleaning performance, among other matters.

Hire a Cleaning Service Company

When you hire a cleaning service company, you can expect that qualified maids are sent to your home by the company itself.  You will directly pay the company for the maids’ cleaning services after you are satisfied with their job performance. You may or may not give a tip for a job well done to the maids depending on your preference.

The cleaning service company will pay the maids’ salaries as well as their insurance coverage, employment taxes, and other benefits.  Your job is to pay the company’s maid service price, as agreed by both parties in a written contract.  

Hire a Worker Via an Agency

In case you want a skilled professional but you cannot hire via a cleaning service company, you may consider hiring a worker via an agency. You will also directly pay to the agency for the services rendered by the worker in which case, the agency will likely be the worker’s actual employer.

You can skip on the employment taxes, insurance coverage, and benefits since you are not actually the worker’s employee.  Just to be on the safe side, nonetheless, you should confirm with the agency regarding these legal obligations.  

Hire an Individual

You may want to screen and select the cleaning professional yourself so hiring an individual is your best bet. You will conduct the pay negotiations, direct the individual’s work, and pay for the job once completed, which means skipping the procedures involved in the first two options.  

But you have to remember, too, that you will have more legal obligations when hiring an individual since you may be considered as his employer under the labor law.  Basically, you are considered an employer when you exercise control over the worker, such as the number of hours worked, the way the job should be done, and the exclusivity of the contract, as is the case of a nanny.

But when the individual offers his services to the general public, you can consider him as an independent contractor so there is no employer-employer relationship.

The bottom line when hiring maid cleaning services: You should ideally hire a reputable cleaning company like Molly Maid to do the job. You can skip on the hassles of dealing with the legal obligations that come from an employer-employee relationship since Molly Maid takes charge of them.

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