When Holiday Help Comes In Handy

The holidays, especially the Christmas season up to New Year’s Day, in the United States are among the busiest days of the year because of the flurry of activities. You have to ensure that your home is spic-and-span in time for the parties, decorate the appropriate rooms with holiday décor, and organize the pantry, among other tasks. Your part-time maids, which you can hire depending on your needs, will lighten your load in these tasks and, thus, make your holidays more enjoyable.

When can you call your trusted cleaning agency, such as Molly Maids, for holiday jobs? Here are a few ideas with the emphasis on avoiding tasks that will expose part-time maids to unnecessary dangers, such as climbing to high places, lifting heavy objects, and handling bodily discharges, to name a few no-nos. You want to enjoy the holidays without causing harm to others, after all, especially to the people who made your tasks lighter.  

Install and Remove Holiday Décor

Before the start of the holidays, you will want to install the holiday decorations including the large Christmas tree, the wreaths, and the lights in and around your house, perhaps even on your front lawn. With the other more important activities to be done, such as buying and wrapping the gifts for family and friends, your time for putting on the seemingly countless decorations will be limited.  You will find that hiring a team of part-time maids for the job will make it more enjoyable since the job can be accomplished in a day – and with lesser effort on your part, too.

After the holidays, you will be bone-tired after the flurry of reunions, parties, and festivities that removing the holiday décor will be such a chore. Again, your team of part-time maids can complete the task from taking down the decorations to putting them in boxes for storage.  

Clean and Store Seasonal Items

You may also have time issues regarding the cleaning, packing, and storing of seasonal linens from winter to spring and back again. Your time would be better spent, for example, on enjoying the changing of the seasons than on changing the bedding in the bedrooms, the linens in the kitchen and bathrooms including the towels, tablecloths, and napkins, and even the clothes like your parkas. After changing these seasonal items, the part-time maids can also clean the items, pack them in clear plastic zipper bags, and store them in the cabinets.

Indeed, you shouldn’t hesitate about hiring part-time maids whenever you need them because the money paid for their services will be worth the decreased demands on your time, energy, and effort.  

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