Ensuring the Safety of Part-time Maids When Pets Are Around

Your decision to hire part-time maids from Merry Maids will make your life easier, thanks to the extra pair of hands on the housecleaning tasks. But when the cleaning company stipulates that there should be no pets in the areas where the part-time maids will be doing their jobs, you will have an issue on your hands. Here are tips that can aid in resolving it so that you can get a clean house and the part-time maids can do their jobs without worrying about unruly pets.  

Keep Your Pets in a Separate Place

Keep in mind that separating your pets, which may or may not be friendly toward strangers, from the part-time maids will redound to your benefit. You will take on little to no risk in terms of personal injury liability in case your pet accidentally or deliberately attacks the hired help.

Since the part-time maids will usually take just one to two hours, your pet will not be cooped up for long in his cage or playpen. You don’t have to worry about the psychological impact of the temporary confinement for as long as your pet has been fed, as well as provided with the right stimulation (e.g., toys).

Inform the Part-time Maids

If you have pets that shed heavily, such as cats and dogs, you should inform the maids beforehand about this matter. Your to-do list of tasks should stipulate the cleaning of the sofas, floors, and linens of pet hair in the first place so that the cleaning company can be alerted to its presence. The part-time maids assigned to the job will then be equipped with the right safety gear, such as face masks, to reduce their exposure to pet hair especially when they are allergic to it.  

Leave Contact Numbers

In case you will not be in your home while the part-time maids are doing their jobs, you may leave your contact number in case of pet emergencies. You may even leave the vet’s number but be sure to leave your contact number, too. You cannot be too complacent when it comes to looking after your pet’s safety but remember that the part-time maids are under no obligation to take care of him, too.

In the end, your diligence in ensuring the welfare of your pets while the part-time maids are around will mean that everybody stays safe – and that’s exactly what you want when other people are in your home.  

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