Hiring Part-time Maids Has Its Benefits, Too

With the hectic lifestyles Americans live, especially in urban areas, the need for maids is on the rise. But not just for any type of maid either but for part-time maids – and we aren’t surprised because there are several benefits to a part-time arrangement.  

Lesser Need for Daily Contact and Management

Keep in mind that part-time maids don’t live in the same house as their employers, a fact that results in several benefits for both parties. You, the employer, don’t have to deal with the nitty-gritty details of human resource management at the domestic level.

You don’t even have to make daily contact with a part-time maid! You can just call Merry Maids, tell the supervisor your cleaning requirements for the current job, and state your preferred time, among other details. You can then welcome the part-time maids into your home, show them the rooms for cleaning, and state your reasonable expectations – and that’s where your interaction with them can stop.  

In case you have issues with the part-time maids and/or their work, you can make a formal complaint with the maid agency and let them handle the issues, when applicable. Now that’s maid management made easy!  

Cheaper Overall Costs

Many households are also reluctant about hiring full-time, live-in maids because of their relatively higher salaries. But, of course, they still want their houses cleaned by professional maids because of the better results, not to mention the lesser amount of time, energy and effort required.

The perfect compromise: Hiring part-time maids when and where you need them! You will be able to save on costs in several aspects including:

  • Salary – Part-time maids are only paid by the hour or by the job so their rates are significantly lower than full-time maids
  • Benefits – Part-time maids don’t expect 13th month pay, sick and vacation leaves, and bonuses, as well as health insurance and workman’s compensation plans from the customer – you, in this case. You just have to pay the maid agency the agreed contract price and let it do the rest in terms of benefits for its maids.  
  • Board and lodging – Part-time maids don’t live with your family so you don’t have to shoulder their board and lodging expenses either.

We must say, nonetheless, that there are also numerous benefits to hiring full-time, live-in maids. But if you’re not earning enough money to pay for their overall costs, then go for part-time maids.  You will get the excellent cleaning results without cleaning your wallet.

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