How Often Will You Require Part-time Maids

Let’s face it – you just never seem to have time to finish all of your household chores, no thanks to your already fully-packed schedule for your professional and social life. You must consider hiring part-time maids/housecleaners from Molly Maids, a highly reliable cleaning agency, to provide expert assistance in cleaning your house. You will realize soon enough that, indeed, having an extra pair of hands is always worth the money.

But how often should you hire a part-time maid? It depends on several factors including the tasks that need to be accomplished, the budget for the job, and the time frame for the tasks, to name a few. Here’s a list of possible frequency of hiring that you can consider.


Many occasions will require a spic-and-span house to make your guests comfortable, such as in the case of in-law visits, holidays, and parties. You want to lessen the stress of planning for these occasions by ensuring that your home is already in order with little effort on your part. You can let a team of part-time maids clean your house in an hour, a task that can take hours on your own.


Even with daily cleaning – a clean as you go type of clearing up the usual household clutter – your home will still likely require a monthly spring cleaning, of sorts. You can assign the tasks that require significant time, energy, and effort on your part, perhaps the tasks that you are least likely to tackle on a daily basis. Your list can include cleaning the oven, wiping the refrigerator from the inside out, and scrubbing the bathrooms to remove mold and mildew.

Weekly or Bi-Monthly

You may want a more frequent cleaning from part-time maids, such as when you want truly spic-and-span home every week or every two weeks. Your reasons will vary, such as the need to entertain your business associates and clients, or the need to maintain a clean household for your children, or the need to satisfy your inner domestic goddess. You should pick up most of the clutter in your home, such as toys strewn about, so that the part-time maids can focus on their main tasks – vacuuming the floors, dusting the surfaces, emptying the trash, and cleaning the rooms, even changing the linens.

While daily part-time maids are uncommon, you can also choose this option especially when you have a busy schedule, or you have children and elderly people in the household, or you want a spic-and-span home every day.

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