Part-time Maid or Full-time Housekeeper: Which One Do You Need?

You will find that coming home to a freshly-cleaned, sweet-smelling house increases the feeling of coming home – and, indeed, it certainly beats many other feelings in this lifetime. But with your busy lifestyle, cleaning can be out of the question most of time and here’s where the decision between hiring a part-time maid or a full-time housekeeper comes in.

Here are the factors that must be considered when making your choice. Keep in mind that your neighbor may require a full-time housekeeper but you may not due to the differences in your circumstances.  

What You Need to be Done

You have to figure out the tasks that you want done in your house even before hiring people for their completion. You should create a list of tasks, from cleaning the windows to scrubbing the bathroom and kitchen floors, so that you can discuss these things with either the cleaning company or the prospective housekeeper. You may want to hire a part-time maid from Molly Maids, in case your needs are limited to once-a-week general cleaning of your entire home, instead of daily cleaning required from a housekeeper.

What Your Budget Is

Keep in mind that, as a rule of thumb, a full-time housekeeper will cost more than a part-time maid for several reasons. You will, for example, be paying for the full-time housekeeper’s basic salary and other law-mandated benefits while only paying for a part-time maid’s hourly rate. You may find that hiring a part-time maid makes more money sense when you only require weekly services.  

What Your Time Frame Is

If you only require temporary services, such as packing things before relocation, taking down holiday décor, and cleaning before a big event, then a part-time maid makes more sense than a full-time housekeeper. With a cleaning company, you will also be provided with a team of professional housecleaners who can achieve a spin-and-span space in an hour or so.  

What You Desire in Training

Unfortunately, not all persons applying for a full-time housecleaner position has the right credentials for the job, no thanks to the largely unregulated nature of the business. But when you hire part-time maids from a cleaning company, you already have the assurance that the agency already made the required background checks, provided for the essential training, and implemented an appropriate disciplinary and customer service system in place.

The bottom line: You can try out part-time maids first before making the plunge into becoming the direct employer of a full-time housekeeper. You may just find that the former is a better option than the latter in terms of cost, productivity, and results.

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