2 Additional Tasks Part-time Maids Can Perform at Extra Cost

Hiring part-time maids can change your life – or at the very least, make your life easier by delegating housecleaning tasks to others. You can also discuss with the management of professional housecleaning services, such as Merry Maids, about the possibility of their part-time maids performing these additional tasks. You have to be prepared, however, to pay extra for these services and to outline the parameters of the job before it starts.

Organize Your Storage Spaces

There are several reasons why many people like to follow the adage, “A place for everything and everything in its place” – you can spend your days on more productive activities and spend your time more efficiently when everything is in its assigned place. You can ask part-time maids to organize your closets, pantry, and cabinets, among other storage spaces, in a way that suits your own sense of organization. Your assigned tasks can include packing away winter clothes, refolding clothes and linens, and stocking cupboards.

For an extra fee, you may even ask part-time maids to organize your home’s attic, playroom, or basement, which are prone to disorganization faster than the rest of the house. Just be sure to avoid assigning tasks to part-time maids that can put them at risk of injuries and illnesses, such as climbing ladders, lifting heavy objects, and cleaning human and pet discharges, to name a few. You want an organized home so that everybody can enjoy a certain level of safety, not expose the people who made it safer to physical danger.

Pack Your Belongings

You may also hire an extra pair of hands to pack your belongings in case of a relocation, whether just around the block or across the country. You may even hire part-time maids to help in packing your college kid’s things, which can be plenty considering that he has a lifetime’s worth of memories to transport to his new place. Your part-time maids can assist in the sorting, packing, and boxing up of your belongings.

Again, the caveat of reducing, if not eliminating, the risks of injuries and illnesses for your part-time maids during their jobs. You may have insurance including general liability coverage but it’s always a good idea to ensure their safety while in your home.  

Other tasks when part-time maids will come in handy include decorating for the holidays and taking down the holiday décor. Each time you need physical assistance for household chores, you may consider this option instead of doing it all on your own.

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