Five Tasks Part-time Maids Shouldn’t Do

While part-time maids from reputable agencies like Molly Maids are trained to perform housecleaning tasks, such as vacuuming, mopping, and dusting the various areas of the house, there are certain things that they shouldn’t be made to do. Keep in mind that it’s not just a matter of being liable in the eyes of the law but also being respectful of their rights as fellow human beings. Plus, when you treat part-time maids with respect, you are more likely to get the best of the bunch to work in your home.  

Tidy the Clutter Before Cleaning

Your part-time maid should be able to focus on cleaning your home, such as mopping and vacuuming the floors, dusting the countertops and table tops, and wiping the windows, instead of picking up the clutter. Besides, if you don’t tidy up the clutter, you will not be getting a cleaner house within the timeframe stated in the contract – the part-time maid wasted time, so to speak, on simple tasks that you could have done yourself in 30 minutes or less.

Run Personal Errands

Part-time maids should not be made to run your personal errands since these are not in their job description. You must not make them shop for groceries, babysit your children or pets, and pick up your kids from school, among others. You can hire other service providers for these jobs, too.

Clean Discharges from Humans and Animals

You don’t want to clean other the bodily discharges of humans and pets especially when these are not your family members – and neither does the part-time maids. You will be exposing them to possible pathogens that can result in their illness, which may or may not be your legal liability. You shouldn’t take that risk either.  

Lift Heavy Objects

You cannot risk injuries and illnesses of part-time maids just because you asked them to lift heavy objects in and around your home. You should discuss with the management regarding the weight limit for lifting objects so as to ensure that it’s followed – otherwise, you may be liable for injuries.

Cook Your Meals

No, cooking your meals especially for large groups is also not in the job description of part-time maids. You should instead hire a cook or a caterer, perhaps even a full-time domestic worker, for this purpose.

Again, be sure to discuss the parameters of the work and its results before letting the part-time maids do their jobs in your home. You will not only be getting the best value for your money but you will also get the best results possible.  

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