Let Professional Cleaners Handle These Jobs

Many homeowners will have valid reasons to clean their homes as do-it-yourself projects, such as during the annual spring clean, especially with tight budgets. But there are certain tasks that are best left to the professionals for several reasons like the safety in using chemicals, the fragile nature of the items being cleaned, and their special cleaning instructions.

Here are a few of these jobs best left to professional housecleaners who have the right training, tools, and technologies. You will realize, too, that the costs of hiring part-time maids for specific housecleaning jobs are outweighed by the benefits including better results and lesser time, energy and effort spent on your part.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets in homes usually cover a significantly larger area, even an entire room like the living room, than rugs and mats. As such, these floor coverings are more likely to get stubborn stains and spills from solids and liquids as well as dirt from shoes, feet, and paws, among other sources. With their thick and wide dimensions, you will have a challenging time removing these unsightly things, even with the use of vacuums and carpet cleaners.  

The solution: Call Merry Maids and hire their professional housecleaners who have the knowledge, skills, and tools for the job. Your carpets will soon look like brand-new floor coverings again.  

Mattresses and Upholstered Furniture

You spend at least 6 hours of your day on top of your mattress and at least 2 hours on your upholstered furniture, such as the living room couch. You should then ensure that these things are as clean as can be, especially in the case of mattresses since these are the preferred homes of dust mites.  Your vigilance in keeping your mattresses free of dust mites means reduced risks for skin and respiratory issues including allergic reactions.  

Again, your household vacuum cleaner cannot ensure deep clean results. You have to call the professional housecleaners with their more powerful industrial vacuums for the job, not to mention that they know the best steps to achieve the best results.  

As for the upholstered furniture, you certainly want to avoid ruining the premium leather on your sofa, couch, and dining room chairs with your DIY efforts. Your initial goal of saving money will be in vain when you have to replace the damaged piece of furniture or have its leather replaced, either of which will cost more than the professional housecleaning service in the first place. 
The bottom line: Regular preventive maintenance is a must for carpets, mattresses, and upholstered furniture but when it comes to deep cleaning, you have to call the professionals!  

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