Bond and Insurance for a Housecleaning Company Are a Must

Many homeowners will settle for affordability and, in the process, sacrifice safety and security when hiring professional housecleaners or part-time maids. This should not be as safety and security in terms of your property and lives are more important than affordable fees for obvious reasons!

Absence of Coverage

Affordability is usually the result of the absence of bond and insurance coverage of the housecleaning company. Think of it: Since the company does not pay for these two crucial operating expenses, it can pass on the monetary savings to you, the client, which means more affordable fees.

But here’s the catch: In case of damage and loss of your property as well as injury of the housecleaner while on the job in your home, you will be at the losing end. This is because you have a less sure footing in terms of recovering the lost property, getting compensation for damaged property, and avoiding liability for the worker’s injury.  

The bottom line: Even if you have to pay for higher professional housecleaning fees, you are well-advised to pay for them. You will ultimately benefit from the bond and insurance coverage of the housecleaning company, as is the case with services rendered by Molly Maids.

Types of Coverage

Emphasis must be made that a bond and insurance are two different things although both provide coverage for untoward incidents, such as property theft and worker injury in the workplace. Basically, a bond is a type of insurance that applies to property safety and security while insurance protects the client in the event a maid becomes injured while at work. In the case of the latter, the client is essentially absolved of liability for worker’s compensation since the employer carries the burden, so to speak.  

A bond comes in two forms, both of which should ideally be present on the contract. First, a fidelity bond covers loss of property including valuables, cash and cash equivalents due to the theft of the housecleaners. In case of theft, the insurance company will cover the cost of the stolen items.  

Second, a surety bond covers a replacement worker in case the original employee was unable to finish the task for valid reasons. While it is usually used by larger companies, you may want to ask about it before hiring the services of a housecleaning company.

Indeed, you have to consider the bond and insurance coverage of each of the professional housecleaning companies being considered for a job!  

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