Getting Effective Results About Your Housecleaning Services Complaints

Even with a reliable house cleaning company on your side, you may still have complaints about the housecleaners’ job performance. Since you paid for their services, you have the right to lodge valid complaints and get the appropriate action to resolve them. But you must also apply the right approach to making your complaints known to get the actions you deserve as a client.

Be Professional About It

While you may want to rant and rave about the unsatisfactory work performance of the housecleaners, you will likely worsen the matters. Keep in mind that if you were in their shoes, you will not want to deal in a professional manner with a client who refuses to behave in the same manner.  

You should ideally be cool, calm and collected about the matter so that your complaint will be heard well. You will also be able to articulate your concerns and complaints about the job done, such as leaving obvious stains on the carpets.  You should keep these tips in mind, too:

  • Be specific about your complaints since you require specific actions to resolve the issues.
  • Be willing to listen to the housecleaners’ explanation and apology, when necessary.
  • Be present to discuss the possible solutions to your complaints so that the housecleaners will take note of their mistakes, too.  

Most important, you have to use courteous words, too. You will likely get the desired results when you speak and act like an adult instead of throwing your weight around.  

Be Willing to Go Through the Proper Channels

While you may want to air your grievances on social media, such as Twitter and Facebook complete with the tags and hashtags, you are not actually promoting your cause. You should tell the housecleaners as soon as possible about your concerns even before they leave your home, if possible.

If the housecleaners have already left by the time you discovered the issues, you should call the cleaning services company and ask to speak to the manager. You can then air your complaints and ask for solutions to be implemented in your home. You may also request for no additional charges especially when the cost estimate and contract explicitly and implicitly include the issues at hand.  

When these steps fail, you can always file a complaint with the proper authorities, such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  Even before you hired the housecleaners, you must ask about the formal grievance system that the company has in place.  

And you should also ensure that the housecleaners were from the best cleaning services company, too, with the best being Molly Maid!

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