Ask Your Housecleaners About Disinfection Methods, Too

While housecleaners will clean your house, a job that includes vacuuming the carpets, cleaning the hard surfaces, and changing the beds, among others, you should also ask them about their disinfection procedures.  Keep in mind that cleaning and disinfecting may be related procedures but these are different processes, too.

You should ask the cleaning services company’s manager and housecleaners about their disinfection procedures. You will find that getting the best value for your money will be easier when you ask the right questions. Here are the things that you should look out for.  

Use of Microfiber Cloth

Not just any clean rag will do when it comes to professional cleaning jobs. Microfiber cloths should be used since their fibers trap and hold up to 99% of dirt, grime and filth they come into contact with. Plus, microfiber cloths have a synthetic loop-and-hook design that pick up soil, microorganisms and spores that most cleaning clothes cannot.  

The result: Better germ elimination outcomes.  

Use of Disinfectants

In the United States, disinfectants should be registered with the Environmental Protection Agency so be sure to inspect that the housecleaners are using disinfectants with an EPA registration number. These products should also contain active ingredients that kill bacteria, germs and pathogens.

The housecleaners should have the proper training for the application including the dwell times of the disinfectants used in your home, which means greater effectiveness against pathogens.  Ask about the disposable disinfectant wipes used in cleaning your home, too.  

Follow the Disinfectant Procedure

Ask the housecleaners about their disinfectant procedure, too, as it is not just a simple matter of applying and wiping off the disinfectant. The most common steps are as follows:

  • Wipe off the dirt, dust and grime on the surface with microfiber cloth.
  • Spray the surface with the disinfectant and allow for the recommended dwell time.
  • Rinse, if necessary, and wipe off the excess disinfectant before air drying.  

Of course, not all surfaces should be sprayed with disinfectant, such as keyboards. The housecleaners should also know about these things lest you suffer from the damages caused by their ignorance and negligence.  

During flu season, the housecleaners should ideally step up their disinfecting efforts due to the increased risks of infection. This is all too true when you have a large family as well as visiting relatives and friends coming to your home. The housecleaners should pay special attention to the touch points, such as door handles, light switches, and push plates.

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