Making Cost Estimates for Maid Services

Are you intimidated by the cost of hiring housecleaning services? Are you seriously thinking about backing out because of your perception about the cost involved?  You should not be since hiring professional housecleaners will be well worth the money in terms of a cleaner and clutter-free home – and you didn’t lift a finger to enjoy it, too!

Here are the steps that a reliable housecleaning services company, such as Merry Maid, will usually adopt in making cost estimates. Keep in mind that you are not under obligation to follow through – actually hire the housecleaners – with the cost estimate.  

Provide Your Key Information

When you first call the company, you will be asked to provide your key information including your full name, complete address, and contact numbers. You should not provide any other information, such as your credit card number, security measures, and work schedule that can compromise your personal safety.  

Walk Through the Cleaning Process

You will be asked key questions to determine the types of cleaning services, the scope of the work, and the areas for cleaning in your home, among others. These questions are designed to provide the manager about factors affecting your cleaning cost estimate.

You should be ready with your answers to these questions:  

  • How large are the rooms for cleaning in square foot or meters?  
  • How many rooms are there to be cleaned? Be specific in your answer including the living areas, bedrooms, and bathrooms, perhaps even your exterior spaces like patios and decks.
  • What are the types of flooring in your home? Each flooring type requires a different cleaning treatment, thus, the question. States special surfaces, too, such as marble, granite or travertine.  
  • What is home’s overall condition? Be as honest as possible so that the housecleaners can be made aware about the scope of the work.  You can also state the dust levels; the presence of mold, mildew, and scum buildup; and the debris in the areas to be cleaned.   
  • How many people and pets live in your home? You should tell the manager about the pets since special supplies may be necessary to clean up their clutter, not to mention that you have to take precautions to keep your pets out of the way.  

When you have provided the manager with the relevant information, you will be given with an individual housecleaning rate. This is because there is usually no set cleaning rate in the industry because each job will likely be different.  

This is true for Merry Maids, too, so you have to negotiate for the prices especially when each job is different from the previous ones.

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