Maid Service and Staging Your Home

While maid services rendered by Merry Maids are usually commissioned by homeowners who want their living spaces to be in spic-and-span condition, you will find that it has other uses, too. You can hire professional maid cleaning services in staging your home as part of the preparations for selling it. You want your house to be in spin-and-span condition so as to attract potential buyers and encourage one of them to make the purchase at or near your desired price.

De-cluttering Your Home

Prospective buyers will be more encouraged to seriously consider taking the final step if and when your home is clean (i.e., free of clutter). You are basically giving them a general idea about the possibilities that your house has in terms of their own needs and wants because they can envision it with their own furniture and fixtures.

This is where the professional maids come in. Of course, you have to make the final decisions about which items will be kept, discarded, and stored since these are your property, after all, but the maids can perform the heavy work on your behalf. You can supervise their work including cleaning the rooms of clutter, wrapping the items for storage, and discarding the rest for proper disposal.

Indeed, you don’t have to de-clutter your home on your own since you can always hire professional maids for the job. You will not only save on time, energy, and effort, which you can spend on other activities like coordinating with your real estate agent, but you will also get cleaner results and, hopefully, encourage more potential buyers.

Aside from de-cluttering your home, the part-time maids can also help in packing away your personal items. Keep in mind that de-personalizing your home will make it easier for prospective buyers to consider its potential as their personal space in the future.

Deodorizing Your Home

It’s not just a clean and clutter-free appearance that matters in staging your home. You should also be conscious about removing bad smells from the interior and exterior areas of your home since your prospective buyers will also appreciate spaces that smell clean.

The professional maids should be able to remove unpleasant smells not only by thoroughly cleaning the windows, walls and floors as well as the furniture and fixture but also by using the right cleaning supplies. You should demand the removal of noticeable odors, too, such as cooking smells, smoke, mold, and mildew.

When the professional maids are finished with their job, you should be able to enjoy a spic-and-span home that can attract more potential buyers soon enough.

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