What You Don’t Know Will Hurt You in the Business of Hiring Maids

When you hire professional cleaners or part-time maids, your original goal is to enjoy the benefits of a clean and clutter-free house. But as with many things in life, what you don’t know can eventually hurt you in several ways and this applies to things that part-time maids and their agencies will not tell their clients.

#1 Nobody Is As Good as Their Word

Of course, every professional cleaning company and maid will attest to their satisfactory work, perhaps even boast about their excellent track record. But don’t take anybody in the cleaning business at his word because, like it or not, nobody is as good as their word. This is because anybody with a rag, spray bottle, and business card can advertise his housecleaning services.

You should then ensure that the housecleaning company is as good as it says it is by:

  • Asking for its license, permit and membership in industry associations. Be sure to verify these things with the concerned government agencies first as it is so easy to fake them.
  • Checking out at least five client references. Ask these individuals about the quality of the company’s services and their satisfaction level with them.  
  • Asking for proof of their insurance and bond. Keep in mind that these two things are for your own protection, too, especially when there are accidents experienced and/or thefts committed by the part-time maids in your home.

You should always do your research even when the company’s ads are so well-written as to be highly persuasive. You don’t know anything about the company, then you will probably be hit with unsatisfactory services, a waste of money at the least.  

#2 Quick Cleaning versus Good Cleaning

Unfortunately, you may hire professional housecleaners who have full schedules that their main concern is about quick cleaning, not the good cleaning that you paid good money for. You will not know it as first glance because many experienced housecleaners know shortcuts for apparently spic-and-span rooms, especially when it comes to countertops, tabletops, and other surfaces.  

The good news: You can ask the cleaning company for a reasonably detailed checklist that you can use for comparison purposes. You may, for example, ask that every surface in the bathroom including the tub, toilet and sink as well as the walls and floor should be cleaned.  

Indeed, it’s your responsibility to ensure that you are getting good value for your money, a process that includes acquiring as much information about the cleaning company, like Merry Maids, and its professional housecleaners, where relevant.  

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