Maids And Accusations Of Theft

While hiring professional maids from reliable agencies like Maggy Maid can reduce the risk of thefts from clients’ households, there will be instances when thefts may have occurred. But before you can accuse a professional maid of theft, you are well-advised to keep these tips in mind. At the very least, you will avoid making false accusations against the maids and, thus, preventing misunderstandings.  

Tell Your Adult Family Members

You shouldn’t spread the news, so to speak, about the possible theft especially without evidence. Your first step is to tell the adult members of your family, particularly your spouse, about it since he or she may have taken the item without informing you about it. You may ask the children about the missing items but don’t expect them to give definitive answers.

If your spouse or other adult members of your family didn’t take the missing items, then there’s the possibility that one of the part-time maids may have taken it. But don’t just to conclusions just yet.

Search for the Items

Even when none of your family members has taken the missing items, you should search for the missing items for an hour or so. Somebody may have misplaced them and forgotten about them, among other possible reasons.

If you have a relatively organized household, you may want to consider the storage areas where the missing items are usually placed. You should have, in hindsight, also locked your valuables in a safe or a drawer before letting the professional maids do their work.

Call the Agency

Let’s assume that the missing items haven’t been located and you have sufficient reason to suspect that professional maids may have taken them. Your next step is to call the agency and express your concerns in a calm manner. You may have to present evidence, tell your side of the story, and provide photos and description of the missing items.  

The agency should then be able to take the appropriate actions. These may include identifying the part-time maids who were assigned to your home at the date and time the concerned items went missing.  You may be called for a one-on-one meeting with the concerned maids but you should avoid becoming worked up, so to speak, during the discussion.

In most cases, the agency will have insurance that covers the liability for the missing items. But keep in mind that prevention is better than then solution for thefts. Again, keep your valuables in a safe and secure place, install security systems like a CCTV camera, and designate off-limits areas.  

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