Money-related Matters In Hiring A Cleaning Company

When you first contact Maid Brigade, you should be aware about the money-related aspects that come with hiring the services of a cleaning company. You may be paying in cash or in credit card but no matter the mode of payment, you have the right and responsibility to protect your interests, money-wise.

Read on and find more about the money-related issues that should be your concern.

Setting the Rates

First, you have to ask the cleaning company staff about the manner in which they set the rates for their cleaning services. You shouldn’t assume anything since you don’t want unpleasant surprises when the bill comes.

Most cleaning companies charge an hourly rate for the first visit but there will be exceptions. Many also charge based on the project requirements, the number of maids necessary for the job, and even the amount and types of cleaning supplies and equipment needed. Many also charge a flat rate for certain services so it’s always best to ask the staff.  

If you have any questions, you have to clear them up with the staff before agreeing to the contract – and there should be a written contract for your mutual protection. You should also have the option to put a cap on the rates, known as the “not to exceed a certain price clause” in the industry.

Providing the Protection

The cleaning company should carry liability insurance, workers’ compensation, and bond for your mutual protection. While the part-time maids will exercises due diligence in the course of their work, there’s always the risk of accidents resulting in property damage. There’s also the risk of theft committed by the part-time maids, an unfortunate reality.  

You want the protection that a liability insurance, workers’ compensation, and bond provides in case of these unfortunate incidents. You will appreciate these things even more when you have items that require special care. You should, however, inform the cleaning company about these items before the part-time maids come to your home.  

Furthermore, a cleaning company that carries workers’ compensation for its employees takes the liability away from your shoulders in case one of its part-time maids become injured in your home.  

The best cleaning companies provide their customers with a satisfaction guarantee, too. You can ask for a repeat of the cleaning services rendered in case you aren’t satisfied with the first rendering – and that will save money on your part because you don’t have to hire another company.  

Last but not least, you should have the agreement in written form. You don’t want an “It’s your word against ours” scenario when it comes to your home’s cleanliness, comfort and security.  

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