Why Company Is Better Than One

Many homeowners hire freelance part-time maids for their cleaning needs only to discover that it isn’t exactly a practical decision. The best choice is to hire the services of a licensed and bonded cleaning company with experienced part-time maids on the payroll. Here are three reasons why it’s best to hire Maggy Maid instead of just an individual.  

You’re Not the Employer

Unless you’re paying an individual under the table – and it’s illegal, just so you know, in most states – you may be considered as an employer of said individual under Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rules. You may be required to comply with the requirements under Publication 926 for Household Employees and Employment Verification Form I-9. Your status as an employer demands it so non-compliance can mean penalties.  

If you’re also determined by the IRS as the employer of said individual, you may also be required to withhold and pay for his or her federal income, Medicare, and social security taxes. The question: Is it worth going through all these IRS requirements for a single individual who will only provide a few hours of cleaning services in your home? Probably not.  

With a cleaning company, you don’t have to go through the wringer since you’re not considered as the part-time maids’ employer. You just pay the fees and that’s about it.  

You Don’t Shoulder the Liability

Individual contractors of cleaning services typically don’t have liability insurance, workmen’s compensation, and bonds. These things are crucial in the contractor-customer relationship in the event of accidents, damages and theft, among other untoward incidents.

Without the mutual protection afforded by these items, you may have to shoulder the costs of workmen’s compensation and/or the damages to your property. You’re paying for what you didn’t enjoy, in other words.

In contrast, the most reliable cleaning companies like Maggy Maid provide the protection required by law including liability insurance, workmen’s compensation, and bonds. In case a part-time maid becomes injured in your home without your fault, you don’t have to shoulder the liability.  

You Can Demand Satisfactory Results

Individual contractors may not be able to provide a satisfaction guarantee and, thus, may be unwilling to repeat the work in case of your non-satisfaction with the services rendered.  In contrast, cleaning companies usually offer a satisfaction guarantee so you have the option of requesting for a repeat.

With a cleaning company, you have an entity that you can run after, so to speak, in case you have issues. You may pay a higher fee for its services but it will be well worth it.  

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