Chores Cleaners May Perform Upon Request

While the part-time maids of Maid Green will only perform the work agreed upon between the company and customer, they will also perform other chores upon request. You may, however, pay an additional fee for the extra jobs, as can be expected. You should then be clear about what you what cleaned, how you want it cleaned, and what results you expect so you can get the best value for your money.  

You should also coordinate with the part-time maids’ supervisors since there may be in-house policies regarding the matter. You don’t want to put yourself and the part-time maids in hot water, if ever.  

#1 Clean the Oven

Let’s face it – cleaning the oven can be a chore in more ways than one. You have to clean its nooks and crannies where solid and liquid spills will accumulate. You will likely spend an hour or two in thoroughly cleaning your oven and stovetop – and it’s time that you can spend on more important things, such as promoting your business.  

But with part-time maids doing the work for you, you can devote more time to your priorities. The extra pay for it can be recouped in other ways, such as in spending more time with your family or in getting more customers.  

#2 Clean the Refrigerator

Yet another chore that can eat away at your time is cleaning the fridge particularly its interior. If you were to do it yourself, you will also spend a couple of hours removing all the items in it, cleaning the interior with soap and water, and placing the items back in.

The part-time maids, fortunately, can spare you the inconvenience of cleaning your own fridge. But before they do, you have to determine which items to keep and which ones to throw. The part-time maids shouldn’t be expected to do it for you because it’s your food and, thus, your money.  

#3 Clean the China Cabinets

The china cabinets may be closed most times of the year but these can still accumulate dust and dirt, not to mention that the china itself can become smudged. You can also ask the part-time maids to clean the inside of the china cabinets but there’s a caveat.

You have to be present during the cleaning process due to the fragile nature of the china. You shouldn’t let the part-time maids handle the china without the proper care, such as holding it well in both hands and putting the pieces in a safe place. You may think that you can do the cleaning yourself but the work will be easier and faster with their assistance.  

Again, you should determine whether the part-time maids are willing to do the extra work. You have to consider their reservations, too.  

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