Spring Cleaning Must-do For Homeowners

Spring cleaning is the time when homeowners set about making their homes spic-and-span, from floor to ceiling, if you will. But the scope of the work makes it challenging for most of them to do so, especially for homeowners who have busy careers and multiple children to take care of. Fortunately, there are reliable licensed maid agencies like Merry Maids that make it easier and faster to achieve your spring cleaning goals.

Here are a few of the spring cleaning tasks that professional maids from Merry Maids can do. Be sure to coordinate with the maid agency first, however, since there may be work restrictions and applicable fees involved. You want to get into the contract with reasonable expectations and eyes wide open, so to speak.

Clean the Windows and Their Coverings

Windows are entry points for dust and dirt from the outside and, thus, these are among the dirtiest parts of your home.  Washing them, as well as changing their curtains, drapes, and blinds, are a must so that your home becomes cleaner and brighter. The windows, after all, may already have a thick buildup of grime so washing their surfaces means letting in more light into your home.  

Clean the Furniture and Fixtures

In the course of a year, furniture and fixtures also accumulate dust, dirt and grime even when regular cleaning has been done. Keep in mind, too, that regular cleaning is different from spring cleaning – the latter has a more thorough approach to it than the former.

You can request the maid agency to include thorough cleaning of the furniture and fixtures in your home, too. This may involve vacuuming, wiping down, and even airing so that the items are as clean as possible. Just be sure to tell the maids about special cleaning products and techniques for certain items – and if you don’t trust them to handle certain objects, then tell them about it, too.  

Clean the Bathrooms and Toilets

The bathrooms and toilets are among the dirtiest parts of the house although when these are cleaned on a weekly basis, there shouldn’t be any hygiene-related issues. Spring cleaning, nonetheless, is necessary since there may be areas that require special attention and things that should be disposed of for safety reasons.  

Professional maids have the necessary skills and tools in ensuring that the bathrooms and toilets in your home are as clean as can be. But be sure to respect their dignity, too, by flushing the toilet, among other things, so that they don’t have to handle dirt more than they have to during the course of their job.  

After spring cleaning, your home will have that clean and fresh feeling, just as if you have given it a thorough bath.

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