Reasons For Never Getting Freelance Part-Time Maids

Many people skip hiring professional cleaning maids, or part-time maids, from licensed maid agencies like American Maid because of the perception of higher fees and more restrictions on the types of tasks. But there are several risks that homeowners take when ever they hire freelance part-time maids!

Possible Legal Issues

When you hire freelance part-time maids, you should be prepared for the occurrence of possible legal issues. The maids, for example, can be illegal immigrants so you may run into issues with the immigration service in case you hire them on a regular basis. The issues may be minor but you definitely don’t want any trouble with the authorities.

There’s also the fact that there’s no agency that you can ask for assistance in case one or a few of its maids delivered unsatisfactory services, stolen your personal property, and caused other issues in your home. You may ask the authorities for assistance but it can also be inconvenient, in contrast with filing a formal complaint with the agency.

Plus, a licensed maid agency will most likely have the requisite insurance and workmen’s compensation schemes in place. You can, at the very least, rely on these schemes to significantly lessen, if not completely eliminate, your legal liability in case of untoward incidents in your home.  

Little to No Background Check

More often than not, you will rely on the attestations of somebody you know about the reliability and trustworthiness of freelance part-time maids being recommended. While it has its merits, you should beware because personal attestations aren’t as reliable as you perceive them to be!

You may be a victim of collusion, among others, so you may be putting yourself and your family in danger of losing your personal property, perhaps even your peace of mind and your lives. The more affordable fees of freelance part-time maids just aren’t worth it on most times.  

With a licensed maid agency, however, you can rest assured that the management has done its job in conducting a background check on the maid-applicants.  You will find that many, if not, of the best maid agencies also check on the applicants’ work experiences and references before sending off to their clients’ homes.  

The bottom line: You may spend more on the cleaning service fees of a licensed maid agency but you will be getting excellent services in return. In our book, it’s a fair exchange, especially for homeowners.

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