4 Things Part-time Maids Shouldn’t Do During Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is among the best times to hire professional cleaning maids from American! Due to their intensive training and work experience, these maids will deliver on the agreed results, such as making the furniture, countertops and appliances spic-and-span until you can see your image in their shiny surfaces.  

But there are also limitations to the spring cleaning-related tasks that professional maids can do. Here are four of them that we think deserve your consideration when discussing your spring cleaning needs with the supervisor.  

Clean the Medicine Cabinet

No maid should be asked to clean the medicine cabinet, not even organize it, for many reasons. You, the owner of these medicines, should clean it yourself since you know what to keep and what to throw away. You shouldn’t let other people do the task on your behalf because medicines mean money, health and wellness, and safety.  

Clean Up the Clutter

Again, part-time maids shouldn’t be asked to clean the clutter from toys, clothes and shoes, and other items of everyday life. You have to tidy up your home as much as possible before the maids come in since they aren’t in the privy about which items go where.

Keep in mind that part-time maids or by-the-hour maids can only perform cleaning, dusting and vacuuming, among other tasks. Beyond these tasks, you have to discuss the details with their supervisors in advance.  

Move Heavy Furniture

While you may want the part-time maids to clean under the furniture, you can’t expect them to lift heavy things at the risk of injuries. Otherwise, you may have to tap into your home insurance to pay for work-related injuries suffered by the maids while in your home.

This also applies to other safety issues, such as standing on ladders, changing light bulbs, and cleaning hard-to-reach spots, to name a few. While part-time maids know and acknowledge the risks of their job, they also know the ways of protecting themselves. Your job as a client is to work with them to ensure that they are safe while in your home – at least, as much as you possibly can.

Monitor Safety and Security Systems

Spring cleaning may involve checking the integrity of your smoke alarm system, security alarm system, and first-aid emergency kits. But these are jobs that you should do yourself instead of passing them on to the part-time maids.  

The reasons are the same as those for cleaning your medicine cabinet. You have the responsibility to check these systems because it’s your home and your lives at stake.  

For other cleaning needs, you can discuss them with the part-time maids and their supervisor. You will find that even with these limitations, your life becomes easier due to their professional cleaning services.  

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