Things Homeowners Notice But Forget To Clean Anyway

Few people enjoy cleaning, and they make the best individuals to work for businesses like You’ve Got Maids. For busy people, cleaning is just too much of a hassle and hiring people to do the job for them saves them valuable time.

However, there still are people who have too much time and they keep forgetting to clean the dirty corner in the bathroom, or throw out the bottles that have been collecting dust in the back of the fridge. Here’s a list of things that professional cleaners notice when cleaning a house.

1. Secret Kitchen Spots

The kitchen is maintained on a daily basis – the sink gets cleaned every time you’re washing the dishes, the tables get wiped every after meal, and the wet spots near the stove are wiped, especially if it’s thick sauce.

When professional cleaners arrive, they always give a finger swipe on top of the food cabinet to check how many years it has been gathering dust. If your kitchen doesn’t have proper ventilation, they’re going to swipe more than just dust.

Steam from boiling water, simmering sauces, and generally all things that evaporate will condense on the ceiling. These become hotspots for bacterial and fungal growth. Water vapor even carries oil, so it’s not just going to be wet, but slimy, too. Cleaning professionals will most likely tell you they’ll move out all the food items from the kitchen before cleaning everything.

Here’s a few other spots in the kitchen that don’t get the cleaning they deserve:

  • Dish rack
  • Kitchen drain
  • Space under the kitchen sink
  • Undersides of kitchen drawers
  • The upper surfaces of cupboards
  • Kitchen curtains (these need heavy cleaning)

2. Undersides of Furniture

Floors always get cleaned and wiped, but you never notice how dirty a living room is until you flip things (or in this case, furniture) over. Dust bunnies would peek out and you can manually remove them, but homeowners don’t really notice these things.

Cleaning professionals will clean everything, even if it means inverting the room upside down. The dust that accumulates under sofas, box-type tables, and furniture that isn’t on legs may be a month or a year’s worth.

Here are other areas that need cleaning, underside-wise:

  • Stand fan “foott”
  • Individual chair and table legs
  • Sofa
  • Big cabinets
  • Coffee tables
  • Boxes or storage items
  • Carpets

3. Walls

It’s easy to forget that walls need some cleaning too. If you have kids, cleaning professionals will start cleaning walls that don’t even have crayon marks.

The reason is the slime trails of snot and drool kids leave on the surfaces. To prevent this from happening, you can teach your kids an introduction to hygiene or you can dedicate your time washing their hands every hour or so.

Some walls also need special cleaning attention: the wall at the foot of your bed, the one near the headboards, the wall adjacent to the oven, walls close to the windows, walls below the window, and the walls near bathroom doors.

4. Shower Curtains

Shower curtains don’t receive a lot of cleaning and only become noticeable when the buildup starts to smell and look worse. Some cleaning professionals even have taken it upon themselves to ask whether the owner wants to throw it away or not.

Most shower curtains are made with porous materials that do not resist mold growth, so cleaning them becomes a waste of resources.

For individuals who want to save money, you can detach the shower curtain from the rings and lay it out on a tarp with soap and water. Add bleach and wait for the stains to go away before gently wiping it with a rag.

Using this method eliminates the need to scrub the grime out and you can let the sun do its antimicrobial magic.

5. Light switches

The little things don’t get noticed a lot, and in the case of switches, they’re one of the most neglected places in terms of cleaning. Even some professionals forget to clean this area.

A light switch contains more or less the same bacteria that reside on phone screens. So if you’re the one to touch your skin after turning off the bathroom light, expect skin irritation.

Extra care should be taken into consideration when cleaning light switches. You can use a slightly damp cloth to quickly wipe its surface. Do not try to wet the area as you increase your chances of getting electrocuted.

Most professional cleaning services have special procedures when cleaning anything that’s connected to electrical wiring, so you can ask for tips on how to clean them yourself.

Got anything to add to this list? Feel free to comment down below!

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