5 Things Cleaning Professionals Won’t Tell You

If you’ve hired professional cleaners like Molly Maid before, you’ll know firsthand that they will conduct an assessment of your home. Aside from giving an overview of the procedures that will be done, they won’t tell you that the first visit also gives them a clear idea of what your home needs. Here are 5 things that cleaning professionals do that you won’t notice.

1. They check the floor plan.

They might not ask outright for the layout of a house, but cleaning professionals, especially assessors, memorize the way your house looks. This is an important part of the cleaning regimen because it helps them minimize their cleaning efforts and maximize their productivity. From airflow to water and electrical supply, cleaning professionals take note of your house structure to do their job effectively. Taking note of where things are also helps them inform you of what changes will be required. A floor plan also helps the professionals clean the floor systematically.

2. They will clean from cleanest to dirtiest.

From a medical viewpoint (something they’re made aware of), cleaning from cleanest to dirtiest ensures that the spread of microorganisms is kept to a minimum. Professional mold cleaners also follow this procedure. Cleaning from the least dirty areas also speeds up the job. Plus, it requires the least effort to clean tidy areas. If you see cleaning professionals clean the first room upon arrival, it’s because it’s already been mapped out by the assessor. Depending on the layout of your house, this order can change, but you will always see that the last areas to be cleaned will be the kitchen areas and the bathroom. Separate teams may be sent to each area to prevent cross contamination, or they could start with the kitchen first and the bathroom last, but never in succession.

3. They won’t give much effort to areas with water damage.

For clarification, most professionals will present you an option if you want water-damaged areas of your house to be cleaned or not. For most cleaning services, this will be a waste of money on your part or a waste of effort on theirs. Walls or floors with water damage are hard to clean and take up too much valuable time when they should be cleaning other parts of your house instead. If they do not present this option, they would most likely give you a suggestion to contact a professional home repair service. Some professional cleaning services partner up with home repairs so you don’t have to worry about what business to call. If you do want these areas to be cleaned, be advised that cleaning services won’t spend too much time scrubbing out wet, moldy walls as it requires a deeper fix.

4. They will move furniture even if you don’t want to.

Most homeowners don’t want their furniture moved, but it’s standard procedure for cleaning services to fulfill their jobs properly, even if it means moving stuff around. Places like under the bed, or the areas behind a ceiling-high closet are easier to clean if there are no obstructions. Communication is key in situations like these. Always make it clear to the cleaning guys (or gals) if you don’t want your furniture to be moved. The cleaning professionals will do what they’re good at, so don’t be surprised if they start moving your stuff around to get every area of your house spotless.

5. They know when to call an exterminator.

One of the most embarrassing, yet unknown to the homeowner, issues that arise during professional house cleaning is pest problems. Professional cleaners will know if you’re lacking food storage safety in the kitchen, or if you’re practicing garbage disposal properly. Every nook and cranny of the house is a home for critters. It’s these very same spots that professional cleaners are trained to clean, so expect that they’ll bring up topics on pest control. Have you noticed anything else that professional cleaners do that’s not on our list? If you do, please add in the comment section below!

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