What to Do and Why Do Them: Hiring Cleaning Services

Hiring trained cleaning professionals should be carefully considered from all angles considering that you are letting others enter your home, perhaps even your private sanctuary. Here are the important things that you must do and why you have to do them before hiring the maids from a cleaning services company.

Decide What You Want in Terms of Cleaning Services

Keep in mind that the wider the scope of cleaning services, the higher the price will be in most cases. You have to determine your budget in relation to the types of cleaning services and the areas to be cleaned in your home. You will then be able to express your needs and wants in cleaning services, set the parameters of performance, and evaluate the job based on these preparatory steps.  

For example, you want the living room, kitchen and dining room to be in spic-and-span condition, which means the maids should wash the dishes, pots, and pans; clean the counters, furniture, and appliances; and vacuum the floor, dust the blinds, and clean the walls and ceiling, among others.  You should ideally not leave anything to speculation.  

Determine the Best Cleaning Service Company

When you already have a list of your needs and wants as well as your dos and don’ts for the cleaning maids, you can proceed to choosing the best provider.  You can expedite the process by asking the following relevant questions of at least three companies:

  • How long have you been in business? The longer a company has been in business, the more likely it has established a good reputation.   
  • What kind of background checks do you perform on your employees? You should get answers like background checks, criminal records check, and training certification validation.
  • What are your insurance coverage for your domestic workers? Your interests as a client are best covered by a general liability insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, and maid services’ bond.  

Aside from these steps, you may also want to check the company’s business reliability by checking with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). If possible, you can also call past clients to ask them about their own experiences with the companies being considered.  

Other considerations before hiring a cleaning services company include the costs of cleaning, the terms and conditions in the contract, and the control exercised by the company over its maids (i.e., disciplinary measures in case of misdemeanors).

You should also ask for a face-to-face interview with the maids assigned to your home. Be sure to respect the work that they do so that they can be encouraged to do their jobs well, too.  This is true when you deal with the cleaning professionals at Molly Maid, an international franchise of cleaning services with several locations in the United States.  

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